Team Development

Team Development events use a trained facilitator to help teams and groups understand what happens when difficulties and challenges emerge. The facilitators teach team members skills in responding to conflicts, build group understanding and confidence in accepting multiple points of view, and work together to set goals and build on individual strengths to create a strong team. Trained facilitators can assist teams in changing patterns of interaction which in turn affect the culture of the team environment.

For groups seeking Team Development, Sustainable Solution Services has developed a unique and effective process that combines conflict management training with facilitation to help move groups beyond their differences. Our facilitators are skilled in working with group challenges and helping groups move forward in healthy, proactive ways. We create opportunities for groups to have meaningful and productive conversations around many topics such as respect, trust, teamwork and accountability.

During this process, our professional facilitators will do the following:

  • Use training techniques based on how adults learn best
  • Use facilitation strategies based on sound conflict management principles to teach skills and applicable tools to the current workplace
  • Encourage participants to bring up “hot” issues and actual conflicts they face in their group and/or workplace
  • Help participants talk about their issues and challenges and apply the conflict management skills they have learned
  • Provide continued support and training to sustain change

We have found that Team Development can generate real and needed change. The more basic processes of “team building” don’t discuss real issues and challenges or mediate the real conflict. They often leave participants wanting more i.e., “How do we make this better now that we’ve solved some of our issues/conflicts?” or “We understand the skills but how should we apply them to our real issues/conflicts?” Sustainable Solution Services approach to Team Development addresses these deeper questions and helps to support significant change in organizations. Team Development has the potential to transform long-term conflict into a win-win situation for all involved.

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